Hanwha Techwin has rebranded as Hanwha Vision to expand its services to vision solutions.

  • To announce the name change of that company. The company has expressed its intention to be a leader in innovative global vision solutions.
  • Hanwha Vision provides business insights and solutions that can be customized to customer needs in terms of surveillance and operational capabilities throughout the organization. By combining AI and cloud with leading vision technologies.

Seongnam City SEOUL, March 1, 2566 – Hanwha Techwin, a leading CCTV company, today announced that it will change its name to Hanwha Vision to expand its services as a global vision solution provider.

With this expansion, Hanwha Vision will go beyond CCTV products to provide vision solutions for the future that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology that provide customers with business insights while driving global market innovation.

“By using innovation to build our core competitiveness, we will continue to address customer issues while adding new value with advanced vision solutions,” said Soon-hong Ahn, President and CEO of Hanwha Vision.

“As we expand our surveillance and incident analysis business, we will be able to provide enhanced data through big data analytics and effective solutions that not only prevent incidents, but also respond to them in real time. Our new vision solutions will be instrumental in developing our customers’ operational strategies,” added CEO Soon-hong Ahn.

In line with this business development approach, Hanwha Vision will gradually launch rebranding of its overseas subsidiaries, as well as products and solutions based on market conditions.