HOLOWITS Launches Ground-Breaking SDCs and Video Management System to Reshape Industry Productivity

 [Singapore, December 12th, 2022] Today, under the theme Everything Sensing for an Intelligent World, HOLOWITS held an online product launch to debut its four industry-leading Software-Defined Cameras (SDCs) and intelligent Video Management System. The product launch is a milestone, which sheds a light on HOLOWITS’ success to create better value for customers and lead digital transformation.

Elaine Li, senior marketing manager of HOLOWITS

Dual-Lens Full-Color AI PTZ Dome Camera: Boasting 5 technologies to break through darkness, the camera is equipped with industry-unique RGBW Super Sensor, which can improve light sensitivity by 75% while full color reproduction with 0 color cast. Another industry-leading advantage is the extraordinary nighttime imaging. Ambient luminance lower than 0.001 lux provides clear vision without illuminators.

AI Super Low-Light Checkpoint Camera 3.0: AI HDR, super WDR, and HD license plate image reproduction is the key technology to provide high-quality images in backlight scenarios. Then AI-enabled pixel-level segmentation divides a full image into several pixel-level partial images, after which the multiple algorithms respectively enhance the capture effect of images. Likewise, innovative AoV adjustment device enables the camera to eliminate ghosting flare issues.

Dual-Lens AI Bullet Camera: Compact like a smart phone with low power consumption, the camera is easy for one person to perform on-pole installation. π−shaped air duct for heat dissipation makes it possible to improve the convective heat transfer coefficient on the surface by 1.5-fold. Moreover, the dual-lens replaces traditional bullet cameras for both situation awareness and object capture. And industry first DNN ISP-based real-time video noise reduction brings the best vision experience.

IR/White-Light Software-Defined AI PTZ Dome Camera with Intercom: Built-in 150 m IR illuminator and 30 m white light illuminator, the camera ensures clear night vision and full color nighttime imaging. It features two kinds of high-performance: MIC with a sound-input distance up to 15 m and speaker with a sound-output distance up to 30 m. This camera focuses on collaborative and intelligent situation awareness, one device for all-round and all scenarios. Loaded with 12 AI algorithms, target detection, intrusion detection, and head counting are supported. It also supports third-party algorithm of various functions in an effort to meet customers’ changing requirements.

Intelligent Video Management System: HOLOWITS S200 is a video-based integrated management platform dedicated to various medium- and large-scale scenarios. It supports access of up to 10,000 devices to a single server and reuse of legacy devices, provides a one-stop video & IoT platform for managing five types of closed-loop services, and supports third-party algorithms and over 20 AI applications.

HOLOWITS will work with partners to develop leading-edge products and solutions for a variety of fields, more importantly, to help build a world with everything sensed, making the work and life easier and smarter.

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