• Monitor safe arrival and departure of students, Entrance
  • Most common places for accidents, Hallways ∙ Staircase
  • Integrated monitoring and management of school security, Offices
  • Round-the-clock monitoring for
  • Blind spots · Peripheries
  • Facility protection and accident prevention, Other facilities
  • Intelligent key cabinets and locker systems for every application
integrated monitoring solution SSM, the school security personnel can monitor situations across the campus in real-time from security, faculty or night shift offices, rapidly responding to incidents or accidents
Live Applied intelligence without video monitoring, providing proactive actions for programmed behavioral situations with automatic event and alarm generation in addition to valuable statistical information for business intelligence application.
Face Recognition & Temperature Screening System Visitor record , Mask detection
Providing access to buildings, facilities, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles - keys are one of your organisation’s most important assets which is why having high security key management systems and electronic key cabinets is crucial.